From Kawasaki Mule exhaust tips and mufflers to complete aftermarket Kawasaki Mule exhausts, get the noise alterations and performance gains you seek with the exhaust accessories we offer at Everything Kawasaki Offroad! The Kawasaki Mule is a smooth ride, but it's far from the quietest side-by-side out there. So if you're looking to decrease the decibels emanating from your rig, we've got bidirectional Kawasaki Mule mufflers to replace the standard barrel-style muffler that comes stock on the vehicle. For those who ride muddy, watery, or snowy conditions, Kawasaki Mule exhaust snorkels and exhaust extensions are useful for preventing material from entering the exhaust. And while many riders go with Kawasaki Mule exhausts for a better throttle response, aftermarket Kawasaki Mule exhausts can also alter the sound of your rig. But regardless of whether you're after a deep throaty rumble that sounds mean as can be, or a quiet exhaust tip / muffler for sneaking up on prey at night, we've got you covered here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad with both exhaust replacements and exhaust components for every edition of the Kawasaki Mule lineup!

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Many Kawasaki Mule owners who aren’t very mechanically savvy are surprised to hear just how important exhausts are and how big of an impact they make on the Kawasaki Mule’s overall riding performance. We’re sorry to say it, but there’s a good chance your Kawasaki Mule’s stock OEM exhaust is holding you back. When Kawasaki designed the Mule, they didn’t exactly equip it with the best exhaust system that money can buy. This helps to keep the cost of the Kawasaki Mule down, but your factory exhaust system will end up limiting your Kawasaki Mule’s throttle response, torque, and horsepower. That’s why if you’ve been looking for a way to unlock those gains in speed, power, and efficiency you’ve been dreaming about, aftermarket UTV and side by side exhaust systems and mufflers offer the perfect solution. Here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad, you will find all the best aftermarket side by side exhausts and mufflers for the Kawasaki Mule from all the top industry-leading brands like Kolpin Powersports, Aftermarket Assassins, Force Turbos, HMF Racing, and Design Engineering.

In addition to unlocking gains in engine performance and efficiency for your Kawasaki Mule, a new exhaust can also help you alter the sound of your Kawasaki Mule. Want people to hear your Kawasaki Mule coming from a mile away? The right exhaust or muffler can double the noise output of your Kawasaki Mule and give you that deep, rich, loud engine sound everyone wants. On the other hand, some riders might be wanting to turn down the noise output of their Kawasaki Mule. People who use their Kawasaki Mule for hunting trips are a prime example of this. A new stealth exhaust or slip on stealth exhaust cap for your Kawasaki Mule can be exactly what you need to sneak up on game rather than scaring them away. If you want to up the stealth factor of your Kawasaki Mule, check out the Kawasaki Mule Stealth Exhaust 2.0 System with Heat Shield by Kolpin Powersports. This stealth exhaust is designed to significantly reduce the sound of your Kawasaki Mule’s engine so your next trophy game will never see you coming. This stealth exhaust system also comes with all the mounting hardware you need for an easy installation.

In addition to a great selection of aftermarket exhausts and mufflers for the Kawasaki Mule, we’ve also got a ton of side by side exhaust accessories. Here you’ll find stealth caps like the Kawasaki Mule Slip-On Quiet Core Stealth Cap by Aftermarket Assassins and the Kawasaki Mule Quiet Core by HMF Racing. We’ve also got spark arrestors like the Kawasaki Mule Universal Spark Arrestor by Force Turbos that are designed to keep sparks from your Kawasaki Mule’s exhaust away from flammable and combustible debris.

A secondary benefit of aftermarket UTV exhausts is that they look great and can give your Kawasaki Mule that stylish custom look everyone wants. A way to make your Kawasaki Mule’s new exhaust look even better is with exhaust nameplates. An exhaust nameplate like the Kawasaki Mule Gorilla Series Exhaust Nameplate by HMF Racing and the Kawasaki Mule Signature X Series Exhaust Nameplate by HMF Racing is a great way to show off your Kawasaki Mule’s fancy new aftermarket exhaust. Stop letting your Kawasaki Mule’s stock exhaust hold you back. Find all the best aftermarket Kawasaki Mule exhausts, mufflers, and exhaust accessories right here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad!

Instead of installing an aftermarket Kawasaki Mule exhaust, some riders choose to make their own custom Kawasaki Mule exhausts. EMT conduit elbows and pieces of tubing from your local hardware store can be used for some exhaust-related applications, and automobile exhausts can also be retrofitted to work on the Mule. In addition to aftermarket exhausts for the Kawasaki Mule, at Everything Kawasaki Offroad, we also offer exhaust-related side-by-side accessories like exhaust heat shielding, O2 sensors, and ECU tuners. Whether you’re after a few more ponies in your Kawasaki Mule Pro-MX or a less-noisy ride in your Kawasaki Mule Pro-FXT, the exhausts and exhaust components you seek can all be found right here. Do not wait any longer than you have to and make the exhaust alterations you’ve always wanted by shopping at Everything Kawasaki Offorad today!

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