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Single Person Race Systems

Whether you use your Kawasaki Mule as the primary pit vehicle for your race car, or if you've converted your Mule into a race machine in and of itself, don't even approach the racetrack without a proper Kawasaki Mule single person race system installed! For voice reception only, we offer receiver units like the Nitro Bee by Rugged Radios. Although these one-way devices only receive voice communications, they are great for both drivers and spectators alike. But if you need the ability to conduct a two-way conversation with pit members, crew chiefs, or even other drivers, we offer complete Kawasaki Mule single person race communication systems replete with radios, in-helmet speakers / mics, and on-person PTT buttons. If you're racing in solitude with nothing but your own thoughts to occupy your headspace, you're putting yourself at a severe disadvantage. With the right single person race communication system installed in your UTV, you can recieve pertinent information in real time to get an added leg up on the competition! Don't wait and invest in a single person race system for your Kawasaki Mule before the next speed contest.

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A quality single person race communication system for the Kawasaki Mule should not only deliver clear and uninterrupted voice communications, but it should also be easy to use and not distracting for the driver. After all, the last thing you need in the middle of a race is to adjust or mess around with your communication system. For this reason, our single person race communication kits for Kawasaki Mule owners include clips, fasteners, and voice-activated microphones that don't require users to push a button in order to talk. Plus, with UHF / VHF radios as well as long track upgrade kits, you can stay connected on the longest of rallies or marathon races. Get the race comm accessories you need to ride smarter by shopping at Everything Kawasaki Offroad!