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It doesn't matter if your communication abilities are hampered due to your full-face helmet, or if you want a better way to play music when riding, you can achieve both ends with our Kawasaki Mule audio helmet kits! The helmet kits we offer Kawasaki Mule owners include both helmet speakers for listening, as well as in-helmet microphones for talking. You can sync them wirelessly with intercoms, radios, and smartphones, or plug them in directly with either straight or coil-style wires. In terms of comfort, our Kawasaki Mule helmet kits are unrivaled. And where audio quality is concerned, you won't find anything to criticize about them. Many of the helmet kits we offer utilize velcro-attached speakers capable of producing both high and low sound ranges. They also include microphones that are fixed to adjustable booms, incorporating noise-canceling technology in order to transmit clean and clear voice communications. Get a Kawasaki Mule helmet kit for your children to help you stay in contact with them while riding, or get an in-helmet audio kit to use in lieu of a sound system so you can listen to music behind the wheel. But regardless of the reasoning behind your decision to augment your existing helmet with a Kawasaki Mule audio helmet kit, if you buy from Everything Kawasaki Offroad, you're guaranteed to get a product that is affordable, effective, and built to last!

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Whether you're after a wireless helmet kit that can connect to an MP3 player via Bluetooth, or something with a 3.5mm stereo plug or IMSA adapter cable to tap directly into the other elements of your audio / communication system, you have access to anything you want via Everything Kawasaki Offroad! We've got simple mono-style helmet kits, as well as helmet kits with stereo speakers for a surround-sound feel. Be it for shooting the breeze with your buddies when trail riding or to give instructions when riding for work-related purposes, the Kawasaki Mule in-helmet communication kits we offer are sure to provide the connectivity you require!

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