A-Arms and A-Arm Guards

From full Kawasaki Mule a-arm lifts and high-clearance a-arms to aftermarket a-arm guards for the Kawasaki Mule, Everything Kawasaki Offroad is here with all the best a-arm-related accessories and a-arm replacements for any edition of the Kawasaki Mule! Many riders looking to run larger tires without having to worry about rubbing at full lock choose to go with the Kawasaki Mule arched a-arms by companies like Highlifter and SuperATV. Similarly, forward a-arms and Kawasaki Mule extended control arms can also create more space for bigger UTV wheels. If, however, you've been rough on your Mule and the stock a-arms served you well before they failed, we also offer factory-style replacement a-arms for both the front and rear of all Kawasaki Mule models. So regardless of if you need a complete a-arm kit to replace the a-arms on each corner of your Mule Pro-FXR, a pair of front a-arms for your Mule Pro-MX, or a single replacement a-arm for your 610 Mule, it can all be obtained at incredibly discounted prices at Everything Kawasaki Offroad! So don't hesitate and keep your vehicle's down time to an absolute minimum by ordering the right a-arms from Everything Kawasaki Offroad today!

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When it comes to your Kawasaki Mule’s suspension system, few parts are as important as A-arms. The A-arms are what connect the frame of your Kawasaki Mule to your wheels and tires. This makes them critical to the integrity of your Kawasaki Mule, but it also leaves them vulnerable to the abuses of the off-road. Due to their position on the underside of your Kawasaki Mule, A-arms can be easily snapped or cracked upon impact with rocks, tree stumps, or even just the everyday bumps and ditches you encounter on off-road trails. We hear from Kawasaki Mule owners all the time complaining about issues with their stock A-arms. Due to their construction from cheaper materials, the Kawasaki Mule’s stock A-arms are notorious for being flimsy and unreliable. Luckily, there is no shortage of aftermarket A-arms and A-arm replacements for the Kawasaki Mule.

In case you’re wondering, all the best A-arms, A-arm parts, and A-arm replacements can be found right here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad. We partner with only the best brands to supply our selection of high-quality A-arms for the Kawasaki Mule like Ricochet, Strong Made, SuperATV, Moose, DragonFire Racing, and Energy Suspension. With names like these, you can rest assured that the new A-arms or A-arm replacements you order for your Kawasaki Mule are built with only the highest quality, most durable materials in order to last longer and perform better than your stock A-arms. So whether you need new A-arms because your Kawasaki Mule’s stock A-arms broke or you simply don’t trust your fragile OEM A-arms, check out our wide selection here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad!

Another great perk of upgrading your Kawasaki Mule’s A-arms is the extra ground clearance you can get. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out these Kawasaki Mule Pro High Clearance 1.5" Offset A-Arms by SuperATV. These heavy-duty aftermarket side by side A-arms feature tubing that’s 25% larger than stock and powder coated for maximum durability and longevity. Even better, these A-arms are built with ball joint housings and pivot blocks made from super strong steel and come with UHMW bushings. On top of their heavy-duty construction, these A-arms give you an extra 1.5” of ground clearance due to their forward offset. These high clearance A-arms and their 1.5” of extra ground clearance can mean all the difference when it comes to the level of terrain you and your Kawasaki Mule can handle. And if you need some high clearance A-arms specifically for the rear of your Kawasaki Mule, take a look at the Kawasaki Mule Pro High Clearance 1.5" Offset Rear A-Arms by SuperATV.

Even the strongest and most heavy-duty A-arms are still susceptible to impact damage when you’re out on the off-road. That’s why we always recommend Kawasaki Mules owners install A-arm guards. The small amount of extra weight and the affordable cost are well worth the extra protection you’ll receive from them. Additionally, the cost of A-arm guards or stick stoppers is significantly less than the cost of new replacement A-arms. Without a doubt, the best A-arm guards available are made from UHMW. We recommend the Kawasaki Mule Pro UHMW A-Arm Guard Protection by Factory UTV MuleAarm. Alternatively you can go with stick stoppers like the Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT Front Stick Stopper by Strong Made.

In addition to the a-arms themselves, we also offer aftermarket Kawasaki Mule a-arm guards that not only protect the a-arm shafts, but the a-arm joints and boots as well. If you trail ride with your Mule, a-arm guards are crucial. Even on light trails and straightforward terrain with few obstacles, the underside components of the Kawasaki Mule are vulnerable and susceptible to damage from the slightest of impacts. Rocks and logs can dent, bend, and break a-arms, while brush and sharp twigs can puncture or tear the a-arm boots. To prevent this, companies like Factory UTV and Ricochet Offroad offer great a-arm guards for the Kawasaki Mule. You can find aluminum Kawasaki Mule a-arm guards and UHMW hybrid a-arm guards for the Kawasaki Mule made from aluminum with a layer of UHMW on the bottom for reduced friction. Get the best a-arms and a-arm guards for your Kawasaki Mule from Everything Kawasaki Offroad and never look back!

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