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Kawasaki Mule / Teryx Switchback Tire by Moose

SKU: 0320-0XX-EKO
$96.95 - $244.95

Become the master of any terrain with the versatile Switchback Tire Set by the professionals at Moose. With outstanding performance on most landscape conditions
SKU: 0320-0XX-EKO
BRAND: Moose

Gain greater control over your UTV with the aggressive tread design of Moose's Switchback Tires. Whether you're romping through the mud, carving through silty loam or speeding over packed gravel, the front and rear Switchback Tire Set will take you where you're going with grace and versatility. The tires wide footprint and unique tread design -- with swathing lugs that extend around the shoulders and a radial, 8-ply rated construction -- boosts your vehicle's traction and protects the tube against pinch-flats and punctures.

Become the master of any terrain with the versatile Switchback Tire Set by the professionals at Moose. With outstanding performance on most landscape conditions, including heavy mud, wet snow and fine sand, these tires provide complete control and improved traction when compared to stock tires and other leading brands. The Switchback’s wide footprint gives the tires more surface area, thereby increasing their grip on the ground, regardless of its composition -- be it dirt, clay, gravel or loam.

Switchback Tires are rated for limited road use by the Department of Transportation and built to perform under the heaviest of UTVs with their 8-ply construction classification. While they glide nicely over hard-packed roads and trails, they truly excel off the beaten path. Wide shoulder lugs and burly side walls reduce the chances of punctures and impact-flats, while the deep-grooved and thick-cut tread grips the ground and easily ejects material that would otherwise become stuck and reduce friction. Don’t settle for second best and equip your 4x4 with the best aftermarket tires available; because when it comes to quality and precision, the experts at Moose are obsessive to say the least.

Switchback Tire Features:

  • Aggressive Tread Design Exceptional in Wide Range of Terrains
  • Tread Pattern and Wide Footprint give First-Rate Traction
  • Wide Shoulder Lugs Protect Sidewalls
  • 25” thru 27” Tires are Six-Ply; 28” thru 30” are Eight-Ply

Tire Sizes

  • 25x8-12
  • 25x10-12
  • 26x9-12
  • 26x10-12
  • 26x12-12
  • 27x9-14
  • 27x10-14
  • 27x11-14
  • 27x12-14
  • 28x10-14
  • 30x10-14
  • 29x9-14
  • 29x11-14
  • 32x10-14
  • 25x11-9 4PR
  • 25x12-9 4PR
  • 25x11-10 4PR
  • 23x8-11 4PR
  • 24x9-11 4PR
  • 24x8-12 4PR

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